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    Post  Void on Sun Jul 11, 2010 1:15 pm

    To Donate, Please Use Firefox and click the Donation Button in the Website: www.flyforxtacy.com

    To Donate via Paypal, please make sure that you login to your paypal and send donation money to... SmexYSelenA05@yahoo.com please make sure and double check that you send the money to SmexYSelenA05@yahoo.com or your donation will be lost. No donation = No items.

    To Donate with CreditCard, please click the Donation Button and just follow the paypal information to donate to SmexYSelenA05@yahoo.com
    When Donating to XtacyFlyff Please Make Sure that you put in your paypal information, the (" Purpose ")...---> Your Character In Game Name/Account ID/And the items that you want, and Selena or Void Will contact you, shortly.
    Once you have donated or have any Questions about Donations, you may contact Selena at Email: smexyselena@live.com or Void in Game.

    ::.XtacyFlyff Donation List.::

    Since I have been getting alot of people asking me to transfer Donation Items from 1 Account/Character to another, this will cost you 10$ per item transfered.

    Any XtacyFlyff Donator Cloak - 15$ Donation Required.

    Any 3x Max Awakenings per Piece - 5$ Donation Required. (Example: Suit STR 30 STR 30 STR 30).

    Any Ultimate +10 Weapon - 10$ donation Required.

    Any **V.15** Lusaka Crystal Weapon Ultimate +10 - 15$ Donation Required.

    Any Raised Pet 9/9/9/9/9 S class - 10$usd Donation Required.

    Any Armor Set +10 - 10$ Donation Required.

    Any Jewelery (1x PIECE) v.14 and v.15 +20 - 5$ Donation Required.

    Any XtacyFlyff V.15 Fashion not sold in NPC's - 5$ Donation Required.

    Size of your character 2x - 10$ Donation Required.

    Scroll of Name Change - 10$ Donation Required.

    Scroll of Guild Name Change - 10$ Donation Required.

    1 stack of perins (9999) - 20$ Donation Required.

    Any **V.15** Armor Set +10 - 15$ Donation Required.

    All Donations Are FINAL!!! no Refunds!!!... Donations are ("Donations")NOT ("Payments") you are not BUYING anything... You are Donating to XtacyFlyff, and All donations are used for the XtacyFlyff. BEFORE YOU DONATE, please make sure you want to Donate to XtacyFlyff, If you are not Sure you want to donate, then please DO NOT donate.

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