Breakage is abusing


    Is breakage abusing and should he be demoted?

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    Breakage is abusing Empty Breakage is abusing

    Post  Mobboss on Fri Aug 06, 2010 4:40 am

    I've Experienced abusse with this gm, just today i've backed up a person that was about to get banned for dueling in town, i told gm breakage to not ban him but freeze him got 5 mins, breakage then calls me and idiot and i dont know everything in the world, i spoke up how i have experience and he mutes me and bans my account for about 10 mins, can you please demote this gm he has a huge attitude and he even tried to get me to swear to ban me cause im friends with ultimadestroyer, he tells me that i'm a liar and that i do swear at people for no reason, i said back that i swear to them for a reason and then as i said he insulted me he shouldn't been in that position and when i just logged on i had a bad feeling about him.
    Also he spawns a clockwork in the middle of flaris and then he complains about people opening up shops and dealing, first of all he killed alot of low levels with that clockwork making them lose their pets and second of all it creates lag.

    Thank you mobboss
    Please do something wulala or selena.

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