[Regarding Grinding] Pet Drops Filter and Multiple Pickup Pets



    Would a pet filter boost grinding rate?

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    [Regarding Grinding] Pet Drops Filter and Multiple Pickup Pets

    Post  azncs on Wed Nov 03, 2010 11:27 pm

    Adding a pet filter to the game would boost grinding speed and rates, you'll delete unwanted inventory items less or NONE Very Happy

    This can be done by having the pet coded to be able to pickup a certain group of items, all items, or none at all. And adding a button, perhaps to the inventory at the bottom, that allows one to choose the drops one wants. Very Happy

    Allowing a player to be able to "harness the power to command" more than one pickup pet at once, will boost up pickup rate and efficiency. Because the pets will be able to pick up a set amount of items in half the time. SmeXy for grinding
    Very Happy

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